The state of Jammu and Kashmir is strategically located in the North-West corner of

India. It shares its borders with China in the East, Pakistan in the West, Afghanistan and Russia

in the North and plains of Punjab and Himachal in the South and South-East. The state of

Jammu & Kashmir stretches between 32° – 17′ N to 37° – 05′ North latitude and 72° – 31′ E to 80° – 20′ East longitude. From North to South, it extends 640km in length and from East to West over 480 km in breadth. The total area of state is 2, 22,236sq. km. But the area under actual control is 1, 01,387 sq. km only, as the great chunk of the territory is under illegal occupation of Pakistan and China. Lying in the northern most part of the country, the state of Jammu and Kashmir formed on 26Th October, 1947. The state enjoys special status on account of Article 370 of Indian Constitution. It has its own Constitution and various provisions of Acts. Laws and Regulations enforced by Government of India are enforced in thestate only after they are Page 3 of 21 ratified by the state legislature. The latest administrative setup of the state consists of twenty twodistricts, eighty two tehsils, one hundred forty two blocks, four thousand one hundred twenty eight panchayats and seven urban agglomerations.